Girl called Belle, hairless, color seal blue tabby.  Adopted.

DOB : September,12 2016

Personality of Belle:  very clever, easy to train, peaceful and active.
159 Belle1

Belle2 Belle3


Boy called Conrad, hairless, color is seal tabby. He has the whiskers. Adopted.

DOB : September,12 2016

Personality of Conrad:  very attentive, sissy boy, he loves to come to your hands, easy to train, healthy and active.

Conrad13 Conrad14

Conrad11 Conrad12


Girl called Roona, flock coat, color is chocolate.  Adopted.

DOB : September,12 2016

Personality of Roona:  very curious, clever and attentive, easy to train, she is sensitive to your emotions and very responsive.

Roona1 Roona2



For reservation of kitten you have to put a deposit of 500$. Ask me for contract and more pics/video if you are interested. By phone (418)383-5586 or email: : info @ romanovchats.com (remove the spaces) or find me at https://www.facebook.com/larissa.prince.3