The cattery Romanov is a family cattery, number registration of TICA 30526, located in Sainte-Sabine-de-Bellechasse, Quebec, Canada.
The cattery owes its name to Peter the Great Romanov, born on 9 June 1672 in Moscow and died on 8 February 1725 in St. Petersburg. Peter the Great became tsar of Russia in 1682 and received the title of emperor of all the Russias in 1721. He is the founder of St. Petersburg, city where the Peterbald cats race was created.
The cattery Romanov was created and is run by Larissa Prince. Russian citizen and Canadian citizen.
Larissa has developed close ties with Russian and Canadian cat breeders Petrebald, enabling it to ensure the highest standards of quality at the cattery. Larissa is a talented breeder and she is very passionate about cats and their well being.
The Peterbald cats of the cattery come from a line of russian champions.
The cattery Romanov makes its own and applies the highest standards of quality: close monitoring of the cats by veterinarians and animal health technicians and veterinary quality food. Cats and kittens do not live in closed cages or rooms, there are no overcrowding. In short, ideal conditions for the development of Peterbald’s engaging personality.
Our kittens are sold sterilized, vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped and not declawed. The cattery does not encourage and does not provide any support for declawing cats pr kittens. We believe that the amputation of the third phalanx of each finger of the cat is a cruel practice and that it is possible with a few efforts and good scratcing posts to minimize or even eliminate the negative consequences of cat scratching